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Current Branch Officers were accepted in a temporary/emergency capacity until a Branch Executive can be elected in 2022.

News will be published here.

The content of this web site is a collection of photographs and memories, which a few 'Poachers' generously chose to share with the world. We are very grateful to all our contributors because they have made this website the success it is today.

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April 2020 Ron Bowley POW 1940 February 2020 Diary Update May 2018 James B Smith Update - L/Sgt B Ash 1929 Frederick George Green 1900-1913 Sgt B Ash 1935-1936 Maurice Arthur Scott Pte Charles Gibson, 1905 Pte 4797755 William Barnes, 1925-1939 Lincolnshire Rifle Volunteers 1870s Apr 2018 Cliff Marshall: Malaya 1955/6 New Book: Fortress Bermuda Future Events 2018 Branch Minutes Mar 2018 Mar 2017: Branch Minutes Feb 2017 Medals for Spalding Man Tom Smith, Malaya Basra, WW1 Memorial War Memorials Cyprus Memorial Operation Reflect 2016 John William Camplin, 1916 Feb 2017: John Thomas Dickings, 1892-1914 2nd Lieutenant Charles Sydney Wilby, 1914-1945 Cpl Peter Stacey 21646, Pte John Thomas Baker, Grimsby Chums Mystery Photograph: Can you help? John Hollingworth c.1880-1890 Jan 2017: Lincoln Branch Minutes Jan 2016: 'Mettle and Pasture' by Gary Weight May 2015: War Memorials Cliff Marshall 1955-1956 George Gooderson WW1 Mick Westerman's Photographs The Smalley Family Bayonet Fighting Award 1927 William Henry Woods WW1 Jan 2015: Harley Ewart Reynolds (1892 - 1917). C.S.M James Bernard Jones, 1929. Dec 2014: Liberation of Ulvenehout 1944. Militia Table Silver. Norman Seaton (2nd Bn. 1932-1946). Pte William Henry Brace WW1. Pte Francis Edgar Boughton WW1. Pte Frederick Billings 1936. Egypt and Jordan/The Suez Canal Zone, 1948-1956. Clement Hemingway's Diary (13th Labour Company, Lincolnshire Regiment) - 1917 Nov 2014: William Child - 1894 Operation Reflect 2014 Bermuda 1914-2014, Seán Pòl Ó Creachmhaoil Dec 2013: 1915-1920: 878252235 Sgt John Yeomans, 1st Bn WWI Bugle - Marne 1914 1914-1917: Private Sydney Clarke, 2nd Bn Nov 2013: Polar Bears: Monty's Left Flank - by Patrick Delaforce Apr 2013: Sgt John Pearson 3390202 - KiA 5 Jan 1944 The Mystery of Four WWI Soldiers - Charles Anderson Feb 2013: Update: The Crosby Angel Book now only £10 (free postage) A Soldier's Life 1859-1880 (Col J Wooddisse) 2nd Lieut. AHC Toogood: KiA 1921 (Col J Wooddisse) National Memorial Arboretum - 14 Jun 2012 British Forces News - Press Release 7 Feb 2013 Jan 2013: Frederick William Smith - Boer War Carleton Cole Allport Rededication Service for WWI Memorial, Scunthorpe, 3rd March 2013 Dec 2012: Regimental Memorial, Lincoln Nov 2012: George Bridges' photographs, 4th Battalion, WWII Oct 2012: John G Smith's photographs of Sumatra 1945-1946 Edward Bark, Malaya 1957 8930 Sgt R Thompson - WW1 Extra photographs of the Beechey boys added 25 October 2012 Jul 2012: Nothing to Report – by James Leasor (ex 1st Bn, Lincolns) Alan Morley - Photographs - 1955-1957 Robert James - WWI New pictures from Wigger KF van der Horst Jun 2012: Band Concert - 31 July 2012 - Lincoln Fred Wragg - Photographs - Palestine Message from Bob Herd added "World News" added Mar 2012: Lincoln Memorial Appeal The Last Decade (1950 - 1960) Harry Harrison - A Squaddie in the Suez Canal Zone 1950-1951 Feb 2012: Mettle & Pasture, a new book to be released June 2012 Pegasus Normandy Tours Regimental Memorial, Lincoln New Painting by John A Walker Queen's South Africa Medal Nov 2011: Robert McAllister's History of the 7th Battalion 1940-1941 (PDF - may take a few seconds to download) Oct 2011: Ken Ruddock, Palestine, 1944 - 1947 Frank Timson, National Service, 1958 - 1960 Chris Headland Ray Tyack 93rd Birthday Lincolnshire Regiment Running Medals 1929 Ripon Belt Buckle - date unknown Grave of Pte Cowles Jim Rowley, Cupar (Fife) 1942 Aug 2011: Kendall Family Jul 2011: L/Cpl H M Laverton MM W Smith, Palestine 1936 CSM H Parish, Malawi 1918 Thomas Ronald Cumberland, Dispatch Rider, 1940 Pte Peter Bunfield, POW, 1939 Harold Farrar North Africa, 1941 May 2011: Mystery Photographs, India 1939 PJM - New Way to Apply Crosby Angel - Update Jan 2011: Malta & Palestine 1935-1936 George Massey, Palestine 1945-1948 Photos from Facebook Museum Exhibits Sep 2010: Video - Poachers in Cyprus Dedication of the RA memorial, Duxford Becklingen War Cemetary Poachers' Brass Bill Millhouse, Chelsea Pensioner Jul 2010: Freedom of Celle, 2010 The Headland Family Memorabilia: Chris Headland Jun 2010: Armed Forces Day, 2010 Derek Birch: Memoirs Titch Evans - Bosnia 1994 May 2010: Video Clips Terry Bailey's Photographs Books & Publications Band Reunion 2010 Normandy 2009 Sobraon Day 2010 Miscellaneous Photographs Harold Laws' Photographs Talavera Day 2008 Sobraon Day 2005 Jan 2010: Talavera Parade, 2009 JNCOs Pasing Out Parade, Northern Ireland, 2005 Harry Fieldhouse Military Abbreviations (list) Download: Sandall's History of the 5th Battalion Dr Gavin Robinson's note on T. E. Sandall's book Dec 2009: Changi Murals, 1941 Michael Barnsley, Malaya, 1957 John Edward Lascelles, 1915 Ernest Taylor, 1st Battalion, 1948-1953 Nov 2009: Lincoln Remembers, 2009 Photo of Kate Middleton Norway Memorial - New information towards the end of the page Photos of (a) Horncastle TA, 1939 and (b) Alec Jay, interpreter to RSM Martin, 1939 Aug 2009: Jordan & Afghanistan, 2005 War Dogs Lee Jennings' pictures WW1 (1916) War Diary of Ernest Lister, 10th Lincolnshire Regiment Armed Forces Day 2009 Jul 2009: Jordan & Afghanistan, 2005 May 2009: Harry Tarlington Walker Freedom of Lincoln Parade 1961 May 2009: Of Polar Bears and Imps The 4th Battalion's Return to Normandy, 2004. Apr 2009: Captain John Thorpe Lewis Video Clips Museum Services War Memorials 4th Battalion Imp badge Freedom of Lincoln Parade 2009 Feb 2009: Charles William Hawley, 4th Battalion, 1914 - 1930 Harry Prike and Ronald Maurice Smith, 1/4th Battalion, 1940 Private Alfred Cooper, 1/5th Battalion, 1917/18 2RA - Iraq, 2005 and 2008 'Dusty' Hocking, 2RA Jan 2009: RSM George Beeton Books and Publications Knud Henriksen's photographs of Malaya, 1946-47 The Beechey Boys Dec 2008: Recipients of the Victoria Cross Lincoln Remembers, 2008: More of David Hooper's Photographs The Association for Military Remembrance 1899 - 1960: 'The Khaki Chums' 2nd Bn, The Royal Anglian Regiment - David Hooper's photographs, Freedom Parade, 2007 The National Arboretum Major H W Pedrick MBE John Benson's photograph of Raymond Tyack, 4th Bn. Nov 2008: Remembrance Parade, Lincoln, 8th November 2008 The Collect of the Lincolnshire Regiment Pte Herbert Frederick Pass Pte William Martin Barker Major Leslie Allan Clarke, MBE. Oct 2008: Memorials Pingat Jasa Malaysia The King's Drums - 1937 Veterans' Day, Lincoln 2008 Malaya, 1953 - 1957 Annual reunion of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment Sep 2008: Poppy Appeal Poem Aug 2008: From Boy-Soldier to Major - Albert 'Dick' Edwards Jul 2008: Band and Drums "Geordie" Rowlands' Photographs 1st Battalion on duty at Wellington Barracks, 1929 The Band & Drums Feb 2008: Submarines on the River Waal, 1945 The Island, Netherlands, 1945 List of Operations, 4th Battalion, 1945 Roll of Honour, 1945 - 1946 1956/57 Boxing Team WWI Medals Searchlight Tattoo: Moascar, Egypt, 1949 & 1950 Royal British Legion, Lincoln HQ Dec 2007: 1839 - Musical Instruments of the South Lincolnshire Militia DCM - Pte Hibbs 1915 Pte Hibbs Citation Lost WWI Memorial George Ward, Malaysia, 1956/57 Medals and Badges Index WWI Medals and Coin Oct 2007: Leslie Kirk, Malaysia, 1957 MNLA Guerilla Fighter Sep 2007: Farewell Parade, Lincoln, 1960 Buglers of the Lincolnshire Regiment, 1945 Royal Anglian Way, Gibraltar Drill Hall Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal Medals and Badges Sphinx Cap Badge Jul 2007: Jordan Service Medal 4/6 Battalion, 1950s, Harry Bellamy Apr 2007: The Sphinx Cap Badge Meaning of the Standard Malaya 1956 - 1957 Mar 2007: 2nd Bn, The Royal Anglian Regiment, Lincoln, 2007 The Militia Mentioned in City Council Records Before 1914 Battle Honours Malaya 1957 The Malayan Emergency 1950-1960 Medal for Liberators of the Netherlands Operation Market-Garden 1944 The Somme 1916 Arras and Albert (The Somme 1916) Deaf Soldier Jan 2007: Newsletters of the 2nd Bn - Palestine 1947-1948 Dec 2006: Sumatra 1945-1946 Malaya 1946 Palestine 1947 The Hohenzollern Redoubt The Webmaster's Grandfather Gerry's Poem Nov 2006: Museum Malaya 1955-1956, Bob Grebby Christmas 1944 Loos, 11/11/2006 Sobraon Barracks