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Regimental Museums

The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment

The Regimental Museum is housed within the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, The Old Barracks, Burton Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 3LY (Tel: 01522 782040).

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Barracks of the Loyal North Lincoln Militia

Militia Barracks Militia Barracks Militia Badge

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Fittingly, the building that this Museum resides in, was once the City Barracks. The Architect was Henry Goddard, who was the County Surveyor at that time. It was built in 1857, as a Barracks, Armoury and Store for the Loyal North Lincoln Militia.

The Officers accommodation was within the Barracks. Other ranks lived in nearby Mill Road. These blocks of houses were designed with divided living space for families on the ground floor. The single men slept in a long continuous dormitory on the first floor. The first floors were separated when the houses were no longer required for military personnel.

Quarters Drummers Mill Road Mill Road Drummers Mill Road Drummers Mill Road Mill Road Mill Road

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During October 2013, Michael Denton of Nettleham sent me three photographs that were found by the current owner of "Drummers" (a house on Mill Road - backing onto the Old Barracks). The pictures were given to Michael in 1980, after by a friend after he purchased "Drummers". They are likely to be soldiers of the North Lincoln Militia and in one picture three appear to be playing tenor banjos and melodeon. [Ed.]

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The Museum Collection

The museum collection contains uniforms, medals, weapons, Regimental Silver, paintings, photographs, archival material and personal effects relating to the history of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment and the Lincolnshire Yeomanry.

For a list of which Victoria Crosses are exhibited at the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment Museum, please visit this website:

The Royal Anglian Regiment

The Royal Anglian Museum is situated within the Imperial War Museum at Duxford Airfield, Duxford, near Cambridge, CB2 4QR (Email).

The Royal Anglian Regiment Museum Website